E3B Umay Theater

In December 2016, the building shed its original winery look and officially opened as “Umay Theater.” Huashan 1914 Creative Park actively supports choreographic, theatrical, and musical creations, creating a new creative stage for performing arts practitioners. Telling stories through body, interpreting thoughts through texts, and conveying emotions through sounds, Huashan 1914 aims to present diverse artistic and cultural experiences. The theater has tiered seats, professional theater equipment, and exclusive dressing rooms. Whether you are a performer or audience member, we look forward to you joining us to enrich the environment of Taiwan’s performing arts. We welcome all partners to join us at Huashan. Performing arts groups enjoy priority to apply for the theater, and some timeslots are available for general commercial activities.



Currently self-help reservation is unavailable. To rent the venue, please call (02) 2358-1914 ext. 530 for Ms. Chen

Basic Information

Surface Area

628 m2


160~250 people

Daily Fee


Recommended Activities

performing arts

Venue Dimensions

Will be measured onsite

Electric Utilities Specification


Current Facilities



Please read the venue rental procedure before application