Introduction and Visions

Management of Huashan

 Overcoming barriers since 2007, the park finally became profitable in 2015. Managing time, managing space, managing creativity, managing stories, managing sentiments, and fostering brands, we tirelessly worked, and explored through trial and error. The path has become clearer, and we will continue to thrive and prosper…

Our Role and Positioning

Flagship Base for Cultural and Creative Industry
 Creating experience of cultural and creative development for other cities in Taiwan.

-Stage for Creative Minds
Allowing all kinds of creativity to compete here, converging into creative culture.
 "Huashan is the competitive stage of creative minds"

Cluster of Cultural and Creative Activities and Consumer Experience
Spreading out the value of cultural and creative activities through pleasant consumer experience.

A Scenery, A School, A Stage, A Large Book
 A scenery can be appreciated; a school can learn;
 A stage can display achievements and energy;
 A large book can record the course of our efforts from the past to future.

Our Evaluation Standard

-Gathering Place of Talents
 How many bright stars and rising talents of the cultural and creative industry have we gathered here to showcase talent and creativity on the grand stage?

Cultural Tourism Hotspot
 How many hearts have we touched, memories created, and happiness triggered?

Where Venture Capitalists Discover Targets
 How many venture capitalists have we attracted and provided opportunities to discover creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurs, and profit in return?