VVG Thinking

Revisiting the Industrial Age with the interconnected gears, the foreseeing and unmeasurable energy flows within the fine cracks of the century-old red bricks; the sound of flapping wings inspire perceptive explorations and guide us onto a journey of thinking. VVG Thinking has gracefully landed in the two-storey space in the Red Brick Area. Created by the VVG Group, the century-old camphor refinery has now taken on a new look.


The ground floor consists of an indoor garden, restaurant, and exhibition space. The thriving plants are decorations among the red bricks and shingles, adding to the space a refreshing sense. The dining area features red, yellow, and blue to create fresh new visual experiences according to the different emotions of the guests. Western dishes coming out of the kitchen are most hearty as they are made with authentic ingredients; together with elegant and graceful artworks exhibited on the walls, a feast where body, mind and spirit come together takes place here.


The second floor is a branch of VVG Something Bookstore, featuring books on design, art, photography, cooking, gardening, and travel, daily tools and utensils, and garments by Lingo. The books and vintage objects narrate their accounts of wisdom and time, and there is an exhibition space dedicated to personal designs, exhibiting one work weekly to facilitate the most intimate conversation between a person and an artwork. Speeches and workshops are organized here irregularly, gathering people to spark the most wonderful fireworks at the best moments.


Thinking expands here in this borderless space…

Unique Features

1.Mixing elements of gears, machines, and industrial style for the design concept of “Back to the Factory.”

2.Introduced in-shop thematic curatorial concept to provide close encounters with artworks when people dine or shop in the store.

3.From furniture to selected products, all reflect unique taste, making the two-storey space a place to linger and savor.