“Legacy,” passing down each note and beat, touching everyone’s heart. Those that could not be fully conveyed through language, picture, and sound, would become legends. “Legacy” is located at M5 in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, the music performance and exhibition space seems like a strange world far away from earth. The heartbeats driven by rhythmic drumbeats, the eye contacts with performers, and smiles on the faces in the crowd, come together and create the exclusive live experience of the moment.


At Legacy, you can see performances by mainstream or alternative musicians from both Taiwan and overseas, and you also get the opportunity to see brilliant performances by emerging young talents. From promoting the classics to fostering the sounds of the future, diverse music styles come together from all around the world; whether you are an experienced enthusiast or a fan newly exposed to the charm of music, everyone can find the type of music here that they can resonate with.


The nearly 745-square-meter space features studio interior design with an 8-meter elevated ceiling that eliminates all blind spots. The space is also equipped with professional concert sound systems worth millions in USD. Legacy has converted the simple and pure historic building into a modern space most suitable for performances, allowing performers to fully showcase their talent. Through continued passion, Legacy drives musical innovations every day, connecting music with citizens’ lives, and spreading the heat and power of live performances. Legacy has become the main stage of Taipei’s music culture, and from today on, we will all become a part of tomorrow’s legends.

Unique Features

1.Elevated 8-meter ceiling and spacious venue suitable for all kinds of performances.

2.Domestic pioneer supporting original music and has long engaged in musical interactions both domestically and internationally.

3.Venue and facilities rental services.