Fruit Wine Dance Studio

The Fruit Wine Factory was built in 1959, and the assembly hall on the second floor was originally used for assemblies at the wine factory. Featuring numerous windows on three sides, the interior has sufficient natural lighting. In recent years, the hall has been used mainly for experimental theatrical performances, or rehearsals by performing arts groups. Sometimes the hall is used for smaller exhibitions. In 2016, the space is revamped and renamed “Fruit Wine Dance Studio,” where performing arts groups enjoy priority to use the studio for rehearsals. The studio also hosts Taipei National University of the Arts Huashan Academy, allowing the general public to come and experience dancing.


•The Fruit Wine Dance Studio is available for rental from Monday to Thursday

•Venue rental is calculated by “day;” each day starts from 8:00-22:00; overtime fee in the evening (22:00-8:00 next morning) will be charged at $10,000 per hour (excl. tax).

•Electricity is $5.5/kWh (excl. tax), and will be rounded up to the next whole number.

Currently self-help reservation is unavailable. To rent the venue, please call (02) 2358-1914 ext. 530 for Ms. Chen

Basic Information

Surface Area

208 m2


80 people 

Daily Fee


Recommended Activities

performing  arts, small scale performance

Venue Dimensions

Will be measured onsite

Electric Utilities Specification


Current Facilities



Please read the venue rental procedure before application