The Gala Asia

“The Gala Asia” is a platform that features a collection of quality Asian design brands. With the mantra of “All about better future,” the platform gathers together over 30 brands for a better tomorrow. Here, we can see brands like “inBloom” by a local Taiwanese printed fabric design team, creative brand “offoff theatre” by illustrator Gu Siaoyin, “On the Ground” that promotes local ingredients, and Japanese glass brand “Hirota Glass” with a history of one hundred years. Other than design merchandise, The Gala Asia also features “Grace’s Select” by organizer Grace, art exhibition area, and books; there are also 5 dining brands offering diverse and exclusive menus.


“Creating a unique design cluster IP from aesthetics of living.” The Gala Asia is not a traditional flash creative market; it strives to nurture and assist design brands in the long term, and is a marketing force that aims for sustainable development. Therefore, Grace has proposed a brand new model of operation, adopting a “quasi-curatorial” concept, so that every brand has its own booth (white tent), where they can freely display merchandise according to own styles to comprehensively showcase brand spirit and image.


The Gala Asia is an organic body of design styles and aesthetics of living. It updates new products irregularly, and is constantly transforming, and new and interesting things are always happening. The aim is to create a surprising exhibition experience for consumers, so that regular visitors of Huashan who love new and interesting things can come back time and time again, and always be greeted by surprises!


Unique Features

• Fine select merchandise, a one-stop shop for Asian design brands from Taiwan and Japan.

Brands available: On the Ground, Tomic Wu, TOAST Living, Rice n Shine, Haoshi Design, Salt Peanut, züny, inBloom, greenroom, offoff theatre, Y Studio, MOGU, TZULAï, Dachuns, Green in Hand, eguchi toys, CLASSICO, Taiwan Head Brewers, MIYEN, Daintiest, Kokura Shima Shima, The Nine S Gelato, META Design, DHHs, boven, 5 Hardware Store, KIMU Design Studio, Ressential, Lee Cake, Hirota Glass, FunCook Cool, Jin Yu, and Grace’s Select.

• New quasi-curatorial model, launching new products irregularly and attracting visitors to come back time after time.

• Appreciates brand showcase aesthetics! Each cart with a white tent is a mini universe of a brand.