Lettering Lab—Concept Store by Nenn Yin Enterprise

Established local stationary manufacturer—Nenn Yin Enterprise—was founded in 1972, and has cooperated with Japanese ink manufacturer “Kuretake” for nearly 50 years. Nenn Yin mainly develops ink-related products, ranging from ink for elementary students, dark ink, golden ink, and red ink for professional calligraphy and ink painting, to stationaries. Its star product, and also the most recognized one, is none other than the “Kuretake Ink” in purple bottle everyone has used before when practising calligraphy in school.


From a manufacturer, dealer, to retailer, Nenn Yin not only comes into direct contact with consumers, but also wants to share their ideals: “Writing by hand is not just conveyance of emotions, but the passing down of the writing culture; despite this digital age that values rapid convenience, we continue to love writing and treasure writing, and picking up a pen to write down your dreams and record the highs and lows in life remain an old-school necessity.”


Try to recall, how long has it been since you last wrote something with a pen? The beauty of handwriting cannot be replaced by digitalization, and with this belief, Nenn Yin strives to promote writing in daily life. In 2017, Nenn Yin launched “Writing Studio” flash shop in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, which was popular among domestic and overseas visitors. This time around, Nenn Yin returns to Huashan, and will stay permanently with “Lettering Lab,” hoping to present quality products related to handwriting and organize various activities, through which people can experience both Western and Eastern writing cultures and histories, and realize the sophisticated wonder of slowing down and writing.


Unique Features

• Demonstrates the spirit of loving and treasuring writing, allowing you to revisit childhood memory of writing.

• Promotes daily writing, and the heritage of Western and Eastern writing cultures.

• Selects local merchandise to convey the warmth of handwriting and handicrafts.