One Day Shop


“One Day” is a local magazine of Taiwan that captures the wonders in life. It has always presented us daily issues and directed our focus onto extraordinary things in ordinary life through a warm and heart-touching manner; many overlooked details have been elegantly put on display through the magazine. “One Day” is a popular publication, and in continuation of the magazine’s passion for life, the magazine founded the “One Day Shop” brand in 2016, opening up physical stores at various locations in Taipei. The composite store features café and select merchandise, and is a base of dreams full of possibilities.


The space of “One Day Shop” Huashan is divided into four sections: magazine wall, café, design select shop, and clothing and accessories. The magazine wall reviews the topics covered by “One Day” over the years; the café offers beverages and coffee made of local ingredients; the design select shop features unique works by a number of local designers; the clothing and accessories section showcases One Day’s everyday style and bags. The interior design of the shop fully manifests One Day’s diverse interests in topics of daily living.


Let’s explore the sophisticated and lovely details in various aspects of life through the eyes of One Day, and recognize the beauty of Taiwan of this era. If you love hip products, and are fond of Taiwanese design, or maybe you are showing a foreign friend more things about Taiwan, you definitely cannot miss this stop—“One Day Shop.”



  1. Uses local ingredients to make specialty beverages and coffee.
  2. Magazine wall reviews all topics of local living covered by “One Day” since the very first issue.
  3. Features many Taiwanese design brands to support local design products.