“Pacific Wind” by Kamaro’an

In Amis, “kamaro’an” means—to stay and live here. “In places nearest forests and the ocean, people create following the rhythms of nature.” Kamaro’an started out with indigenous crafts design, and all products are made by aboriginal craftsmen. All products share the genes of simple design, simple function, and fine craftsmanship. The subtle and calm quality is the ideal of the makers, as well as the most beautiful look of Kamaro’an.


Since 2017, Kamaro’an has opened a select shop, “Pacific Wind,” with a theme of eastern Taiwan crafts, bringing out and showcasing the everyday crafts hidden in various corners around us.


At “Pacific Wind,” you can see unique objects developed through the long history of indigenous culture. For example, “Crop” carves onto wooden ware the journey of trees from growing, falling down, to drifting into the sea; “Shell Flower Theatre” combines shell-flower weaving with techniques passed down verbally by tribal elders over generations. There are also other everyday crafts that have thrived and coexisted with the land; all things are here waiting to be discovered.


Even if you had never visited Hualien and Taitung, and never seen the refreshing and beautiful sceneries along the eastern coast, when you come to “Pacific Wind,” and see umbrella plant, drift wood, banana weaving, shell flower, and areca leaf, you will definitely be captivated and fall in love with these wonders from the land, just like Kamaro’an.


Unique Features

• Selected good-looking and practical daily objects produced at tribal villages in Hualien and Taitung.

• All products are made of local natural materials, so customers can feel the natural beauty given to the objects by the land.

• Exhibitions held irregularly to showcase crafts of Hualien and Taitung.