Ecological Engineering Foundation / Eco Hub

What is ecological engineering?  We can find in books its definition that includes phrases such as “a new kind of thinking and construction technology proposed based on the realization of species conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable development.” However, we are more inclined to believe that ecological engineering is “7th Generation Principle,” a promise we make to future generations; a promise that they can still happily live here on the beautiful island of Formosa even after centuries have passed.


To keep this promise, Ecological Engineering Foundation decided to establish Eco Hub, converting Taiwan’s efforts in ecosystem conservation, environment-friendly agriculture, and sustainable society, into stories that can be understood, recognized, and loved by domestic and foreign visitors, as well as unique merchandise embodying local fabrics. Sales at Eco Hub are not for profit, and all revenues are invested into works of river restoration and road ecology implemented by the Foundation and its partners.


Thus, people can participate in various seminars, exhibitions, and markets here at the Eco Hub, to gain in-depth understanding on the close relationship between man and nature, and exchange and interact with friends who are equally concerned with this land; they can also buy wonderful products that embody ecological ideals, such as local farm produce of the 248 Farmers’ Market, natural cotton and linen handkerchieves with cute designs inspired by Taiwan’s protected wild animals, and hand-painted wooden coasters, to proactively love and protect this treasure island through concrete actions.


Starting today, for every decision we make in life, we will keep in mind the wellbeing the 7th generation after ours, passing down the invaluable philosophy of man and nature in harmonious coexistence, of which all of our children will be proud.


Unique Features

• Interactive exhibitions featuring both graphic and video elements, offering visitors immersive exhibition experiences.

• Unique activities and events held on weekends and weekday evenings, such as Hub Seminar, Weekend Fun Market, and A Date with Small Farmers.

• Selling merchandise with a bold attitude that embody ecological ideals, delicious beverages of direct trade, and select eco-friendly farm produce.