Taiwan Mama

Memory is the most precious seasoning, making an ordinary bowl of noodles extra flavorful and tasty. To Candy of “Taiwan Mama,” that bowl of flavorful memory used to be found at the street vendor at the entrance of the alley where she lived, a place she visited whenever she got her allowance when she was little; the combination of pork slices and dry noodles always satisfied her appetite, and has accumulated into the irreplaceable taste of her memories.


Candy has gone to great lengths to re-create that bowl of pork dry noodles in her memories. She first blanches and braises pork bones to make stock, adds homemade lard, and stirs in freshly made noodles made from traceable flour that has no additives or preservatives; she then braises the ham of Guanshan Pig in old braising liquid, slices the pork thinly, and generously puts 10 slices into a bowl of noodles. “A bite of pork with a bite of noodles,” what a satisfying way to enjoy a meal. Combined with fresh shrimp, homemade soft-boiled egg, and broccoli, this is the flavor in her memories she wants to share with all people, a taste you will never get tired of or bored with. 


Opened in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, a place full of cultural ambience, the nostalgic flavors and European-style space of “Taiwan Mama” form a surprising harmony. The large French window and the natural greeneries, elegant and warm interior design, and beautiful food presentation and quality utensils, are just like the flavorful and fragrant bowl of noodles, making people feel warm and safe.


“Taiwan Mama” invites you to accumulate your very own flavor of memories, starting from this bowl of noodle.

Unique Features:

• Classic Taiwanese pork dry noodle that will have you coming back time after time.

• Selecting traceable fresh ingredients including Guanshan Pork, and preservative-free flour.

• Refreshing culinary cultural space mixing Western and Eastern styles, building a comfortable and relaxing dining atmosphere.