Huashan Laugh & Peace Factory

When will a world full of laughter and peace appear? Let’s start now to create laughter and peace! The Huashan Laugh & Peace Factory at Plum Wine Factory has many cultural and creative exhibitions and performances, displaying joy and positive atmosphere, like a factory that produces a wonderful world. Is this place the secret base that can fill the world with laughter and peace? Let’s check it out!


Co-founded in Taipei by Japan’s largest talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo and MCIP Holdings, the exhibitions are curated by professional Japanese team focusing on “performance arts,” “traditional crafts,” and “animation and voice actors.” Taiwanese artists are also invited to hold joint exhibitions and participate in dialogues, hoping to pass down the skills and foster talents through exchange development experiences of the industry. The first exhibition, “Naomi’s Party in TAIPEI,” was launched in July 2017, which already ignited wild expectations for more surprising exhibitions and performances in Taiwan.


In the future, the Huashan Laugh & Peace Factory will discover and incubate new creative professionals through cultural exchange with Taiwan, and establish this site into the Taiwan Branch of Okinawa Acting Academy to train new local creative talents, and set new cultural trends. More importantly, this factory of laughter and peace aims to break all barriers so that all people, whether they are from Taiwan, Japan, or around the world, can find laugh and peace here.

Unique Features

• Introduce Japanese refined culture by focusing on “performing arts,” “traditional crafts,” and “animation and voice actors.”

• Showcasing Japanese creativity through a variety of angles, and inviting Taiwanese artists to join the exhibitions and dialogues.

• Integrated with one of the historical buildings in the park, “Plum Wine Factory,” revitalizing the century-old architecture through contemporary visual arts.