Small Happiness Black Tea Milk Canteen

Perhaps we all need small happiness like this.


A glass of ice cold beer after exercising, a blanket that has been exposed to sunlight all day; many tiny yet certain happiness in life, albeit unbelievably simple, always fully recharge our energy, and comfort our empty heart, giving us courage to face the challenges the next day. “Small Happiness Black Tea Milk Canteen” is a tiny 20-square-meter space under the new corridor at Huashan 1914; like a small flower under a giant tree, it serves black tea milk, grilled sandwich, and apple tart, and smile at all who pass by.


Architect Jay Chiu, designer of the new corridor, has a dream to rediscover the great flavors of Taiwan. Carrying his dream, Small Happiness insists on “people should only put tasty and safe foods into their mouths.” Instead of calling it milk tea, Small Happiness uses the name black team milk so that all consumers can feel the pure taste of the combination of Taiwan Tea No.  18 and High Milk, the first to be certified by the government, rather than usual mixtures of artificial milk powder and tea concentration, safeguarding the small happiness in each sip for everyone.


Black Tea Milk with milk of different fat contents is paired with toasts in three equally creamy and rich flavors: classic, tomato and olive, and spicy grilled tuna. The ingredients are put together and heated in a toaster to make hot paninis, and guests can enjoy the gooey cheese of happiness. For the French apple tart that is also simple and hearty, Small Happiness uses imported butter, Granny Smith apples, and organic eggs to create a refreshing taste of light acidity low in sugar and fat.


Today, sit next to the small wooden round tables in the canteen, enjoy black tea milk and grilled sandwich, and savor this happiness in your mouth, and your heart.

Unique Features

1.Popular Products: Customized “Black Tea Milk” with three options of milk: light, medium, and full-bodied.

2.“Panini” with a mixture of different cheeses are the favorite light meal of young female consumers.

3.Utilizing the space under the corridor to provide “Takeout” services.