Waking up in the morning, you need to have a slow breakfast to enjoy a rare leisure time in urban life. Savoring the original tastes of ingredients nurtured by different soils, and recalling the deep contemplation on the relation between yourself and food.


Originated in gourmet capital Tainan, Daylight features natural produce, and focuses on simplicity and natural ingredients. Using fresh seasonal ingredients, everything is handmade so that every bite is full of the authentic flavor of the ingredients. This serious attitude towards men and food can be seen in the details of food preparation; every day, nearly 20 seasonal organic vegetables and fruits are prepared, and all toasts, muffins, and pitas are freshly made from Nippn flour, organic eggs, and Olitalia olive oil. The house nuts yogurt features slow-roasted nuts and handmade yogurt for the most natural fragrance and taste. All dishes are not over-seasoned to present the truest flavors.


Daylight has won over the heart of many picky eaters with fresh vegetables and fruits, and it is equally impressive when it comes to drinks. Only plantation-grade coffee beans are used to present the layers of taste of espresso; the tea is produced by Taiwan’s King of Tea, Chen Hsi-ching, who has over thirty years of experience and insists on natural farming of high-elevation tea leaves in Luye, Taitung. For fruit tea, Daylight starts with cooking handmade orange jam, and uses a large amount of fresh oranges to blend the richest yet refreshing flavor.


Behind each dish are the unparalleled patience and respect for ingredients of the chefs at Daylight. As consumers, we should savor the food sincerely, which is also the greatest praise for the land.

Unique Features

1.Seasonal vegetables prepared through complex steps so that food can also go through photosynthesis.

2.Indoor and outdoor tables available, an ideal venue for parents and children.

3.One of the restaurants in the park with more seats and tables.