Piccola Botega

If you ask Italian people what is the most delicious food, they will always answer “mamma’s cooking.” Mamma’s cooking is delicious because it is always full of love.


For the Trevisan family living in the ancient town of Verona in northern Italy, this love is passed onto every guest through the family restaurant opened by Grandma in 1927. Giorgio later came to Taipei and opened the first authentic northern Italian restaurant Botega del Vin, and in 2017, his son Andrea opened Piccola Botega (or Little Botega) in Huashan, to share with Taiwanese guests the family flavors of the Trevisans at a more affordable price.


Piccola Botega emphasizes fresh ingredients and traditional northern Italian flavors, and has conquered the heart of many gourmets. The dining experience here begins with an array of appetizers, including pasta handmade daily by Italian chef in classic northern Italian sauces; the experience reaches climax when ribeye or rack of lamb is served, and finally rich and creamy hometown desserts such as tiramisu or cheese cake takes the dining experience to a perfect ending.


Food is the way Italian people express emotions. When people enjoy the fragrances and flavors, the dining atmosphere becomes romantic and passionate, as if we had all travelled back through time and space to visit the little bistro of Grandma Trevisan, and indulge in a moment of wonderful tastes and love.

Unique Features

1.Authentic Italian culinary culture.

2.Reservation and venue rental and catering services.

3.Outdoor dining area.