Bleu & Book

Remember “The Blue Bird”? A brother and sister go on an adventure in search for the blue birds that will bring happiness. The blue birds that symbolize the many desires of men always change color when they return to reality; but the one they have at home changes its color to blue overnight, and wants to fly away.


In a world of binary framework, independence seems to be a relative dependence. Mainstream and alternative narratives. If the foundation of freedom can skip within the framework, we can break conventional thinking to allow bookstores to put forth future imaginations of independence, franchising, replication, style, and media.  This bookstore of freedom quietly lies on the second floor of the Glass House in Huashan, not for independence, not for isolation, but for freedom. “True freedom is freedom of spirit; It is about understanding the past and present, and knowing the future direction,” said store owner Tsai Jui-shan, “to get freedom from reading is the meaning of Bleu & Book.”


The triangular windows of the building are the design of architect Jay Chiu. The sharp angles of triangles symbolize the belief upheld when facing the world; in a tilted state, the image of a bird is used to anchor the center point, allowing the bookstore to fly steadily. Also, such sharp angles convey the concept that men cannot survive alone, and men needs to coexist with the nature, and constantly feel the warmth and happiness under the balancing structure of the three triangles.


The store sells monthly select books and some books related to the cultural and social issues concerned by the bookstore, while also offering house blend coffee and light meals and desserts. Exhibitions will be organized to go with the select books, and seminars will be cohosted with Watchout Citizenedu. Sometimes singer-songwriters will come and share their music; however, everything must be built on a cultural foundation, and Bleu & Book strives to preserve its core value as a bookstore. As long as you keep your eyes and mind open, you can easily find a piece of cultural landscape here at the bookstore.

Unique Features

1.Experts of different fields select books to meet diverse reading tastes.

2.Promote interdisciplinary events between disciplines and books.

3.Provide simple but refined coffee and light meals.