Xiao Qi-Huashan

Yanagi Soetsu, father of Japanese folk crafts, once said: “The closer art is to ideal, the more beautiful it would be; the more infused crafts are with reality, the more wonderful they are.” Beauty is in our everyday life, and can be discovered in all aspects of life; on the other hand, to create a life full of aesthetics, we can start from the small objects we use daily, and ultimately build a pleasant living environment.


“Xiao Qi” regards daily objects as the real main characters in life, and first began by introducing well-established Japanese crafts and folk arts. Through objects of unique textures and quality, Xiao Qi conveys happiness in life. After three years, Xiao Qi has expanded its scope to a restaurant where Japanese cuisine is enjoyed on select table wares, a gallery that regularly showcases Japanese ceramics, Xiao Qi Umeshuya (plum wine house) that spreads wonderful flavors of wine, Nettle Plants flower shop, and a cooking class. Xiao Qi also publishes Japanese magazine “Hibi (Every Day),” and other books on lifestyle. Xiao Qi has taken diverse perspectives to promote a richer life experience.


Xiao-Qi—Huashan combines restaurant, plum wine house, exhibition, and daily wares; it also collaborates with Japanese paper products, practical products brands classiky ishow, and Hobonichi Techo, and men’s gardening counter designed by Takako Mine. Xiao Qi has also developed original products of Taiwanese crafts to put forth a comprehensive lifestyle proposal, reminding us that we should not forget that the purpose of life is to enjoy it even when we are busy every day making a living.

Unique Features

1.Enjoy authentic Japanese home cooking with fine ingredients and sophisticated cooking.

2.Collaborate with Japanese professionals and brands to launch exhibitions and workshops.

3.Diverse space of daily tools, restaurant, gallery, flower shop, and plum wine house.