When the Maker Movement took the world by storm like the “Third Industrial Revolution” coined by Chris Anderson in the “Theory of Long Tail,” Taiwanese makers are also rising up, consolidating and shaping the Maker Spirit of Taiwan in the lab-like FabCafe.


FabCafe takes its name from “Fab-rication” and “Fab-ulous,” where people can be relaxed and make things they like in a leisure setting of a café. The slogan in the store, “Make Your Fabulous Fabrication,” clearly manifests the idea. FabCafe originated from Shibuya, Tokyo, where design, technology, craft, Maker Spirit, and other interdisciplinary themes are all combined in a café, establishing an international exchange platform where professional designers get together, and providing an opportunity for potential makers to understand and experience the movement.


The 3D printing and laser cutting station is the first thing that attracts the eyes of visitors. Even without any design background, guests can sense the fun of making things with own hands with the assistance of onsite designers. FabCafe often collaborates with various organizations to host diverse workshops, such as making fake hand-carved rubber stamp that has unique texture but can be quickly made by machine, innovation and mobility workshop that encouraged civic engagement held by founder of Safecast, or even light sculpture, laser carving, robots, or dynamic visual design, triggering the imagination of all participants and showing them the unlimited possibility of makers.


FabCafe provides coffee and meals that also showcase the experimental spirit of makers, exploring the secrets of ingredients and tastes. The management team led by Taiwan Barista Champion Gabee serves carefully selected hand brew coffee and creative specialties, fresh desserts and all kinds of salad, light snacks, and brunch, allowing creative thinking and imagination to thrive here. Want to learn more about FAB spirit? Come and be exposed to an experience of all senses.

Unique Features

1.Provides digital fabrication services, including Laser cutter, 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3Doodler.

2.Monthly 3D printing and laser cutting workshops.

3.Various professional design seminars for makers to exchange and interact.