Trio Café

Some say that William Wang comforted the hearts of a generation with his cocktails. The bar he opened after getting a license in mixology in New York, “Southern Comfort,” preserved the drunken words and ambitions of that generation of cultural scholars and writers, journalists and media professionals, and social activists. Six months after it was closed, Southern Comfort reincarnated as TRIO; on the surface, the modern version of William’s bar is all about liquors, foods, old-school bar environment, and drinking culture, but in reality, it still tells the truest emotions between men as they shed their masks after a drink or two.


Just like a bartender’s place is “behind the bar,” William’s TRIO Café is also hidden under the old trees at the Zhongxiao E. Road entrance of Huashan 1914. Without that row of bright lights, we would perhaps miss this secret place where life is savored through drinks.


TRIO Café offers brunch, dinner, coffee, and ice cream to guests who love foods and enjoy the leisure environment. Salad, risotto, and pasta each has own loyal followers; a wide range of alcoholic drinks and daily bar snacks are the language through which TRIO communicates with frequent visitors. The fragrances fused by high quality spirits and fresh fruits, classic cocktails on the menu, and customized drinks can all be found here; daily selection of delicacies in the name of “tapas,” such as stir-fried beef ribs, grilled seasonal vegetables, salmon avocado roll, and country fries, are the best snacks to enjoy together with the drinks.


TRIO Café is a nice place to sit alone, as well as to enjoy a fun evening with a group of friends. It does not matter who and how many people you are with, as long as you enjoy the freedom. Just have a drink first.

Unique Features

1.Seasonal fruits are used as the base of cocktails, presenting brand new experiences.

2.The space is encircled by green vines, providing relaxing outdoor and indoor areas.

3.Wine tasting and mixology classes are held irregularly to promote the culture and knowledge of mixology.