Mark often played in the alleys in the evening when he was younger, and Grandma described him as an alley cat. After he grew up, Mark searched for the hometown flavors of Italy in Taiwan’s alleys and streets to no avail, and so he opened up a pizza restaurant, and named it AlleyCat’s. Through the slices of crispy pie, Mark finds comfort for his homesickness, while also sharing Italian delicacies with Taiwanese guests, and introducing unique Taiwanese flavors to foreign travellers.


AlleyCat’s uses local produce and locally produced ingredients, such as non-toxic vegetables produced by small farmers in Yilan, locally made fresh Mozzarella, Shennong pork, and handmade Italian salami, to show its love for Taiwan. Mark even made a brick oven using stones and cement, and insists that all pizzas are made by order, so that each dish presents the balanced and fused flavors of Taiwan and Italy when served to the table. The restaurant also features a fresh food section, offering small farmer produce, fresh cheese, authentic salami, and deli, so after their meals here, guests can bring home the good flavors and share with family and friends.


In addition to the diverse tastes originated from Italy, AlleyCat’s also combines authentic Taiwanese ingredients with pizza dough to create wonderful flavors. From street snacks to stir fry, such as sausage with rice intestine, oven smoked duck, or three-cup chicken, they have become some of the most innovative ideas for pizza served at AlleyCat’s, and during summer, the seasonal mango cheese pizza further intrigues all guests. Abundant innovative ideas, cultural and creative atmosphere, and the industrial interior, take all guests down Mark’s memory lane of tastes. Now, there is no need to follow the cat’s steps in the alley in search for classic Italian foods, you just have to visit AlleyCat’s in Huashan 1914.

Unique Features

1.Freshly baked Italian pizza that combines local ingredients and flavors.

2.Special dishes or discounts may be offered for park events or seasonal festivals.

3.As one of the restaurants in the park with relatively more seats and tables, AlleyCat’s is also an ideal venue for business functions and group reservations.