Hushan 1914 Creative Park Non-Commercial Photography Application Rules

(These rules are not applicable to SPOT-Huashan. Please contact SPOT-Huashan for related inquiries)

To avoid affecting visitors’ rights, visitor traffic flow, and proceeding of vendors’ activities, the park provides free application and registration for non-commercial photography, including wedding photo shoots and photography groups, with a set quota during specific timeslots.

General visitors are not required to apply to take memorial photographs. Non-commercial photography application does not come with venue rental; for venue rental, please refer to “Outdoor Commercial Photography” Application or “Venue Rental” Application.

Qualified Applicants for Non-Commercial Photography Application
  1. Photography groups including photography studies and student projects.
  2. Personal wedding or gown photography, cosplaying photographer or groups.
  3. Groups engaged in non-commercial video shooting.
    ※Using various props, products, or costumes, or occupying the same outdoor space for over 1 hour are deemed as commercial photography.
Application Rules
  1. The Park is open to non-commercial photography from 09:30-20:30; non-commercial photography is prohibited in the park during other hours.
  2. Service Center onsite registration can be done daily from 09:30-20:00; online registration starts from 14 days to 2 days prior to the scheduled shoot by 24:00.
  3. Four timeslots are available daily, applicants must arrive at the park, exchange identification, finish the shoot and return photography flag within the applied timeslot.
    To extend the time, applicants must check with Service Center about the availability of the following timeslot. Applicants may apply for more time if the next timeslot is available.
    (Ex. To book 9/15 Timeslot 1, exchange identification at 10:00, the allowed duration is from 10:00-12:30.)
    【Timeslot 1】 09:30-12:30
    【Timeslot 2】 12:30-15:30
    【Timeslot 3】 15:30-18:30
    【Timeslot 4】 18:30-20:30
  4. Weekday (Monday to Friday) :Each timeslot is open to 8 groups of applicants.
    Holiday (Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays) :Each timeslot is open to 4 groups of applicants.(When the quota is full, applicants must apply for another timeslot.)
  5. Non-commercial photography has great impact on traffic flow due to long durations; therefore, regardless of weekday or holiday, each timeslot only accepts one group of non-commercial photography group.
  6. Application may be done in the following two methods: (Please choose only one)
    ■ Online Application
     Booking may be done from 14 days to 2 days before the scheduled shooting day (excluding) at 24:00. For example, for booking on 9/15, online application time is from 9/1 to 9/13 at 24:00. Applications will be reviewed for approval, and responses will be emailed to applicants. For successful application, the applicant who filed the online application must arrive on time at the Service Center with valid identification.
    Booking will be automatically cancelled with no further notice if the applicant were more than 10 minutes late. The applicant may reapply depending on the availability of the day.
    (On weekdays, each timeslot is open to 4 groups of applicants; on holidays, each timeslot is open to 2 groups of applicants. If the desired timeslot is fully booked, please apply for another timeslot, or apply onsite on the day depending on the availability.)
    ■ Onsite Application on the Day
     Please check with Service Center regarding the availability of onsite application. Applicants must first read the rules for non-commercial photography, and then fill in the application at the kiosk. Upon completion of the application, the applicant must exchange a piece of valid identification with the staff of the Service Center.
    (On weekdays, each timeslot is open to 4 groups of applicants; on holidays, each timeslot is open to 2 groups of applicants. If the desired timeslot is fully booked, please apply for another timeslot, or apply onsite on the day depending on the availability.)
  7. Applicants must exchange a piece of valid identification for “Photography Flag” at the Service Center on the day of scheduled photo shoot. The flag must be placed where it can be seen during the shoot. The photo shoot is only permitted in outdoor public spaces.
  8. To ensure the rights and benefits of other groups, the photo shoot must be completed, and the “Photography Flag” returned by the end of the applied timeslot with no delay.
  9. Special Circumstances:  The park reserves the rights to announce in advance to stop photography application temporarily or reduce the number of groups in a specific timeslot on the official website due to major events or requests by other related authorities to ensure smooth proceeding of the events and better management of traffic flow and visitor safety.
Prohibited Behaviors:

1.Blocking visitor traffic or access to parking lots; affecting proceeding of park events or activities or vendors’ business operation.

2.Taking photographs with pornographic or violent contents, or in violation with good customs.

3.Conducting elaborate marriage proposal, giving out advertising materials, flyers, brochures, or erecting advertising boards, during photo shoot.

4.Using equipment that may hamper the safety of visitors, such as drone.

5.Entering the pool, parterre, or places with signs indicating no visitors; climbing trees, buildings, or windows to take photos.

6.Using fires or gas, firecrackers, or fireworks, smoking, and chewing betel nuts.

7.Damaging or painting on buildings in the park. Violators shall be held responsible for compensation and legal liabilities.

8.Moving Park equipment such as fire distinguisher, outdoor furniture, and signage.

9.Stealing power or water.

10.Disobeying instructions of park staff and affecting visitor traffic flow and vendors’ business during photo shoot.

11.To ensure quality of visit, changing may be done in a temporary tent or in public space, please do not occupy rest rooms or cause inconvenience to other visitors. Violators will be sent off the premises.

12.Unloading spaces for trucks are reserved for vendors and park events. Applicant’s vehicles parked in these spaces will be towed away with no public announcement made.

  1. The park does not provide free parking, equipment, or electromechanical utilities and facilities during photo shoots.
  2. The park staff and security staff will conduct onsite audits randomly. When in case of violations of the rules, compromising visitor safety, and destruction of park facilities, the park staff member may immediately stop the photo shoot. The violators will be prohibited to apply again for six months starting on the day of violation, and shall be held responsible for compensating the damages of the facilities and objects.
  3. To protect the rights of each applicant group, and enforce park rules, applicants with the following behaviors will not be allowed to apply again in the same month.
  • Applicants fail to show up with a valid reason more than three times
  • Applicants not finishing photo shoot by the end of timeslot more than three times.
  1. The number of visitors on a holiday is ten times the number of visitors on a weekday. Therefore, it is suggested that applicants make use of weekdays for photo shoots to avoid unnecessary delay.
  2. When the Photography Flag is damaged or lost, the applicant must pay NTD 100 for compensation.
  3. The applicants must stay out of restricted areas to avoid affecting vendors’ business operation.


Restricted Areas