Hushan 1914 Creative Park Outdoor Commercial Photography Application

I、Qualified Applicants:

Commercial photography shoots include publications, catalogues (including online catalogues), print media, and electronic advertisements (including CF, MV).

II、Application Procedure:

  1. Complete Application Form: Apply 10 days in advance; attach required documents; photocopy of company registration certificate, ID of person responsible, business card, shooting proposal (script/set layout).
  2. Submission:
    ■ Delivery by Person: Park Office 10:00-18:00 daily.
    ■ Fax: 2358-1165 To Event Department ;Inquiry Hotline: 02-2358-1914
  3. Review:First come, first served basis. Review results will be notified via e-mail in 3 days. Upon receiving notice, the applicant must pay deposit and rental fee no later than 5 days prior to entry.
  4. Payment: Fax proof of payment to 2358-1165; indicate applied date for photo shoot and agency.
  5. Shooting:Sign in at security office and leave ID; sign out when leaving and pick up ID.
  6. Remittance of Deposit:Submit final works, and the park will remit deposit.

III、Compile and submit shooting plan including date, scenes, equipment, script, location, content, usage, and crew; the project may proceed after gaining park approval and all fees paid.

IV、When the applicant wishes to cancel the application for any reasons, please notify the park in advance, and follow the procedures for changing reservation. Cancellation is subjected to a 20% processing fee.

V、Applicants agree to the following terms when using the venues:

  1. Protect all venue facilities and equipment. When in case damages (including holes, nails, or paint on walls and floor) are done to the venues or public facilities, the applicants agree to be held liable for repair and compensation.
  2. Without park’s approval, applicants may not add additional or connect to any power system.
  3. Photo shoots should be finished by 18:00. For time extension, applicants must first notify the park and get approval. Extra fee shall be charged accordingly.
  4. Applicants may not lease or provide the rented venues to others, or change nature of events without park’s approval.
  5. During or after the event, the park is not responsible for the safekeeping, or cleaning of any valuables or belongings, nor is it responsible to help with the search when anything goes lost.
  6. For public injuries resulted from natural disasters or negligence beyond the park’s capability, the park shall not be held responsible for any legal or civil liabilities.
  7. Large equipment (such as heavy machinery) or functional vehicles (such as watering truck) must not enter the park without notifying the park in advance, and shall be properly parked in designated spaces. No vehicles without application will be allowed. The park is not responsible for the safekeeping of the vehicles during the event.
  8. For sound recording procedure, applicants shall not affect other events in the park or control visitor traffic and volume of voices.
  9. For applicants with own power generator, please follow park staff members’ instructions and place the generator in specific spots.
  10. Trucks entering the park must be applied three days in advance. The trucks can only enter the park for unloading during allowed hours, and must leave the park after unloading.
  11. Shooting shall take place within the applied area; shooting of other venues without application is prohibited.
  12. Please make signs indicating “Shooting in progress. We apologize for any inconvenience,” during shooting. A Staff member must be near the signs to monitor visitor safety and convenience.
  13. After shooting, applicants should make appointment with park staff to return the venue. The two parties shall inspect the venue together, and confirm everything is fine before the applicants can leave. If an applicant leaves before the inspection, he or she will not have deposit remitted; if damages are found the next day, the park may demand compensation from the applicant.

VI、When applicants use materials that are creative works of others, they must obtain authorization from the IP rights owner. In case of infringement of IP rights, the applicants shall be held responsible for legal liabilities.


VII、During shooting, the park does not provide parking service, props storage, electric utilities or A/C, and staff lounge.


VIII、The park staff and security staff will conduct onsite audits randomly. When in case of violations of the rules, compromising visitor safety, and destruction of park facilities, the park staff member may immediately stop the photo shoot. The violators will be prohibited to apply again for six months starting on the day of violation.


IX、To protect the rights of visitors on holidays, photo shoots are recommended to be arranged on weekdays.