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8. 中4A / 紅酒作業場 +4B / 米酒作業場

    改制文創園區後,中四館的空間重新分割。紅酒作業場編號中四A,東西兩端進駐Déjà Vu與CDPiazza,米酒作業場西段切出「古通廊」串聯老叢茶圃等店家,東中兩段則編號中四B,保留做為熱門的會展演空間。


8. M4A/Red Wine Factory+M4B/Rice Wine Factory

Built in November of 1933, the rice wine factory is one of the three main historic sites of Huashan. The inner space is divided into two specifically for rice wine and red wine production. The three-in-row building is constructed with reinforced concrete beams and bricks. Several holes that go as big as five meters due to placement of fermentation tanks before can be found on the second floor. Sunlight sometimes penetrates from the second to the first floor, bringing an intriguing visual impact. A copper ventilation tower built on the rooftop is called the Taichi Tower that is decorated with pottery bricks produced in kilns of Beitou, Taipei. Without any glaze on, it looks simple and graceful. 

M4 now houses two restaurants, Déjà Vu and CDPiazza on both ends while the west of rice wine factory is turned into a hallway that links various shops around. The east and middle parts are now used to hold events and exhibitions.