English Audio Guide

7. 中2 / 果酒大樓  + 1 / 車庫工坊





7. M2/ Fruit Wine Building +E1/Garage Workshop

Built in 1959, the Fruit Wine building is the youngest one in the park. The first and the second floors used to be the fruit wine warehouse and auditorium respectively.

The warehouse is a closed space with only two transom windows on the top and ventilation holes on the bottom. Four square pillars break the room into two parts that make appropriate exhibition space or conference room. The second floor on the other hand has sufficient sunlight, a hallway and a proscenium stage. In the past, it was used for staff gatherings or for the staff’s family rest. This open space is also covered with floor tape that makes it the favorite for theater and performing art groups.

Opposite to the fruit wine building is the garage workshop that was built in 1925. In the original layout, it was the fire truck garage, distillery, wine tank and rest lounge from the north to south.