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4. 中3 / 清酒工坊

    中三館建築前身為1914年起造的清酒工坊,為芳釀社時代第一批建築;1922年做為總辦公室。建築特色為立面採大量開窗,採光充足,內外牆均厚達一米,洗石子牆面,堅固又耐熱,冬暖夏涼,是一個適合辦公的空間。1966年改建,成為今日樣貌,一樓目前為遠流別境書店與Fab Café的所在地,二樓的拱廳做為多功能文化展演平臺。

4. M3/Sake Factory

The sake factory was the first building of Huashan that was completed in 1914 and later used as the main office since 1922. To have enough sunlight, the building is open with windows built all around. The one-meter washed wall keeps the building cool in summer and warm in winter. It went through a major makeover in 1966 and now the first floor is the libLAB bookstore and Fab Café whereas the hall on the second floor becomes Huashan 1914 Salon ,the stage for all kinds of cultural exchanges.