English Audio Guide

3. 1A /高塔研究股 +1B / 高塔區(台北市市定古蹟)




3. M1A/M1B+Research Lab/Tower Area (Historic Site of Taipei City)

The Tower Area composed of three buildings used to be the testing lab for quality control. Now the first floor becomes the tourist service center and the second floor as the Huashan School run by the Taipei National University of the Arts to promote art and culture, providing classes for the general public. 
The tower was built in November of 1920 for making rice wine and now is the designated historical site. Each of the three stories of the tower was constructed in different times, so the floor heights differ, creating an interesting way of circulation. Construction skills and characteristics of different building materials are also reflected in details such as wooden truss or tilted roof. The tower was designed in a symmetrical nature with a wooden roof supported by iron pillars that went all the way from the entrance to prevent the rain but later dismantled. Various architecture elements, including gable, arch and frieze are incorporated in the façade and the stucco  washed wall is parted evenly bycarved gaps in between. The tower is not complete without mentioning the wooden vertical and arch windows as well as the red brick wall on the right.