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2. 華山劇場




2. Huashan Theater

Look at Huashan from the Ba-de Road, the grassland in the shape of horseshoe is the first scene that comes into sight. A stage can be built on one end of the grass, and the rest can be the premium seats for the audience. This is a place you find inner peace and calm. This is the Huashan Theater.

The Huashan Theater took inspiration from Siena’s Piazza del Campo of Italy and took up the biggest land area of the Huashan complex. The tower area, the highest in the park was a tribute to Siena cathedral tower and the  horseshoe shaped grassy slope and wooden walkway make the best public square for people to relax, talk or picnic. In the time of important festivals, the place can be turned into an Amphitheater or a market accordingly.