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16. 紅磚區   




16. Red Brick Area

In 1917, two major conglomerates Mitsui and Suzuki of Japan joint-ventured to found the Taiwan Camphor Company and later became the official overseas branch of the mother company in Kobe Japan in February the following year. The camphor factory located on the north-western side from the wine factory is today’s red-brick courtyard house.

The courtyard house is the second oldest building of Huashan and was the earliest modern camphor processing and manufacturing factory in Taiwan. The red-brick and   
the state-run South-Gate factory (now a branch of National Taiwan Museum) are the only two historic sites left today for camphor production. In May of 2007, the smoke duct in the factory was discovered and the Cultural Affairs Department of Taipei City designated the place the official historic site in October the same year.