English Audio Guide

11. 中5A / 再製酒作業場

    中五館建於1933年,前身為再製酒作業場,主要功能是生產蔘茸酒之類的再製酒。內長廊式獨立空間,大型角鐵屋架,北側外牆有長廊式作業平台。此場館最大的特色在於室內挑高8米,其間沒有任何一根立柱,視野開闊,因此非常適合做為音樂演唱會場;目前由音樂人庾澄慶與張培仁等投資經營「Legacy 傳音樂展演空間」,已成為華人流行音樂圈的live house聖地。


11. M5A/Reprocessed Wine Factory

The reprocessed wine factory was built in 1933 to manufacture reprocessed alcohol products like deer antler liquor. The space is long and independent and supported by iron framework along with an operation platform ready in the north. This pillarless and eight-meter tall space later makes a perfect venue for live concerts. This is one of the benefits for Legacy, a famous live house owned by leading singers and musicians in Taiwan.